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This is our 3rd year in the Seattle area and we are thrilled that we have been able to touch lives and grow to our current size.
  • We support 2 branches of classes - one in the North end and one in the South end
  • We produce 3 fully staged musicals each year; seen by more than 2500 local friends and families
  • We offer day long theater workshops at our North location
  • We offer 3 weeks of camp in the summer
That being said, our costs have started to outpace our growth and revenue and we need to adjust in order to keep our doors open. We are on the verge of debt and that is a road we DO NOT want to travel down, thus, we are looking to grow our donations to help us find more time to grow our audience, find business donors and make more connections in our community. 

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Goal: $5,000.00

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11/9/19 @ 5:23pm $25.00 Anonymous
11/9/19 @ 8:31pm $50.00 Anonymous
11/9/19 @ 9:16pm $500.00 Anonymous
11/9/19 @ 10:11pm $200.00 Anonymous
We're very glad to lend our support to CYT Seattle, which is of such great benefit to our grandchildren. Looking forward to attending the next wonderful production!
11/10/19 @ 9:58pm $25.00 Jessica Peterson
Go CYT Seattle!
11/11/19 @ 9:26am $100.00 Anonymous
CYT is a great program which helped my kids in with public speaking and help them to come out from their comfort zone
11/11/19 @ 9:40am $200.00 Anonymous
We love that CYT is building confidence and faith in our grandkids!! Keep up the good work!!! Philippians 1:6
11/13/19 @ 7:21am $50.00 Anonymous
11/14/19 @ 12:51pm $50.00 Anonymous
11/20/19 @ 5:21am $50.00 Mike and Sandy
11/20/19 @ 1:20pm $100.00 Todd & Crystal Anderson
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